Getting Ready for Yellow Springs Open Studios

As a recent transplant to the area I have been looking for ways to connect to my local community. It was serendipitous for me to be able to connect with Nancy Mellon and join the Yellow Springs Art Council, and it was even more helpful when her blog, “How to Meet Other Artists in 10 Easy Steps”, came out.

So far some of the steps I have been able to check off are:

3. Join art organizations in the area.

9. Answer Calls for Artists.

10. Show Your Art

So far I have been able to join the Yellow Springs Art Council, so that I may connect with the local artist communities.  I have taken part in the Village Artisans “Art on the Lawn” event, and currently I am setting up for the Yellow Springs Open Studios for this upcoming weekend, October 19-20th. Most recently, I was able to showcase my photographic work at the Yellow Springs Brewery, where they have a wonderful rotating schedule of various local artists displaying their work in their taproom. All of this activity has inspired me for future artistic endeavors and for the upcoming Open Studios.


As a first time participant I have been trying to figure out the best way to connect with the visitors that may come.  Currently my studio space isn’t fully functional but the location of the space is still very open so that I am able to set up some of my work, some snacks, and have a demo ready to go for visitors.

Reaching out to several of the artists, that have participated in this event before, they said that showing the various stages of their medium was the best way for visitors to gain a better understanding.  Artist Sara Gray, Reflecting Whispers Glass Works, spoke about how different examples of her glass work is the best way to showcase the process and allows her to explain her use of molds for her intricate designs. She will also have her kiln on display for explaining the final steps of her process.

Bruce Parker, Azur Creations, is excited and will have plenty of his work on display.  He is working on displaying work that is in various stages as well, so that visitors can gain an understanding of how he formulates and makes his larger pieces. Eclectic, whimsical, sometimes kinetic his functional furniture and art made from interesting wood and reclaimed materials will definitely inspire visitors in his space.                                                                                     

Talitha Green, Talitha Green Studios, works with sterling silver, gold and mixed media for her jewelry. She will have pieces at different stages to show how she cuts many of her own stones and use them in her work.


Looking for a way to encourage visitors to participate at her studio Libby Rudolf, Libby’s Art, is going to be painting alongside those that stop by her space.  Having explanations of her process, her various paints, brushes, and more she is going to have a hands on experience for those who are interested in learning more about her painting process.


I, Angela Smith, am planning on showcasing printmaking works, photography pieces, and running a digital photography demo for visitors and their phones.  With photography being so present in our daily lives I will be marking interesting locations around my yard so that I can work with visitors on using the various settings their phone cameras may have and also help them gain a more discerning artistic eye.  Working on framing and composition can happen anywhere and at any moment, especially with our cameras conveniently in our pockets these days! So definitely swing by my studio to gain some insight into Digital Camera Photography this weekend.


18 Talented Artists  *  10 Local Studios  *  1 Incredible Event

Join us this upcoming weekend and connect with your local artists!

Yellow Springs Open Studios








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YSAC Open Studios

We are heading into push time for the Yellow Springs Open Studio. The brochures are designed and at the printer, I’ve noticed some of the artists have the cover of the brochure on their FB sites and are already inviting people to come visit their studios on the Open Studios weekend. Theresa Mayer mentioned she was tickled her piece was on the cover of the brochure. It looks wonderful Theresa!

An inside view of Kathy Verner Moulton’s studio

I’ve been writing some of the press for the tour and starting to send it out. Plus I’ve been looking through my picture files for what I should get reproductions made from. I had such fun seeing again some of my “Crazy Dog” series that it made me want to do some more. This is the first time I am on the Open Studios tour. (But it’s not my first venture onto a studio tour, I had the pleasure to be on Lisa Goldberg’s YS Studio Tours some years back.) This year, Kathy Moulton invited me to be a guest artist at her studio (Nancy Mellon). (She has invited me every year and this year I surprised her and said yes. I think she is just hoping, I will talk to everyone while she demos:) Kathy calls herself the “Not So Vocal Local” (She really does beautifully talking and showing people how she creates her funny and charming art!)

Karen Wintrow, at the Chamber is writing press too, with Nick Gaskins, designing the ads for Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Springfield and more. The Yellow Springs Chamber partners with the YS Arts Council to put on this event. And a wonderful YS Open Studios Committee of 4 artists-Sara Gray, Kathy Moulton, Dianne Collinson and moi have been working on this annual event for 4 years now. Dianne, a ceramic artist decided this year to visit the tour, instead of be on it. We will miss her lovely studio and art. But it will be fun to have her come by and chat. That is the one thing all the artists say after it is over, “I wish I could have visited the other studios!”

Artists are checking their studios for what needs to be cleaned up. Beth Holyoke has said the best part of YS Open Studios is it gets her to clean up her studio! But I think the best part is seeing what characters will inhabit her ceramics this year.

When I was talking to the lovely Kathryn Pitstick, at Village Artisans, an art co op she is part of in Yellow Springs, she said she is thinking about what she could demo. Kathryn is a printer and it conjured up in my head, an image of her carving and showing how her different tools work. What ever she does it will be cool to see.

From the “Crazy Dog” series by Nancy Mellon

Theresa Mayer is already promising on FB to do more bead making demos. If you haven’t seen her making beads-with the fire going and the glass melting and at the same time, Theresa calmly explaining what she is doing- you’ve got to make sure to go to her studio this year. It’s unforgettable!

On Friday, Talitha Greene was up at 6 am creating jewelry, and it was her birthday! She almost forgot to come for our traditional lets-go-pick-out-a-slice-of-fabulous-Current Cuisine-cake to celebrate, because she was in the zone, working on art for the tour.

Giving each other matte boards and advice, loaning art racks or card racks – just like a bee hive, the artists are buzzing around making art and choices, cleaning and preparing for the YS Open Studios.

There is a list of the artists and a short description of their art and some pictures of their work at: ysopenstudios.ysartscouncil.org Come visit with us October 19th-20th 11-5 pm.

Yellow Springs Open Studios

Free, Self Guided Tour of Yellow Springs Artists Studios

October 19-20th

11 am-5 pm

18 Artists, 10 Local Studios, 2 Great Laid Back Days.

Visit our web site ysopenstudios.ysartscouncil.org to use the interactive map on your mobile device or your computer to find participating studios and plan your visit. Some studios are within walking distance of our vibrant downtown, some will require a short drive in the colorful countryside.

Printed guides will be available in Mid-September at Yellow Springs Station on the bike trail, YS Arts Council, Gallery, at 111 Corry St. and various other locations around the village.

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