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The Gallery is located at 111 Corry Street in Yellow Springs, and is open Wednesday thru Sunday from 1-4 pm. Click the link below to see the full 2019 Gallery Schedule. The “Paths in Paradise” show is open until August 8!


The Timeline Show

January 18th-June 30

Take a look into history in this show honoring theater in Yellow Springs, from the past to the present. Presented by the YSAC and the YS Historical Society, Sponsored by the YS Arts & Culture Commission, and hosted by the Village of Yellow Springs at the John Bryan Community Center.


Wheeling Gaunt Bronze Project

The Yellow Springs Arts Council and the The 365 Project are leading an effort to create a life-size, bronze statue of Mr. Wheeling Gaunt with local artist Brian Maughan.


Art Shorthand Blog

Influential Women of Yellow Springs – The project’s goal was to enlighten students and, via the banners, the community about the parallel nature of U.S. history and Yellow Springs history.