“No Me Without You”

Mixed Media Paintings by Mack Paints 

September 16 – October 16, 2022

Yellow Springs Arts Council Community Gallery, Thurs-Sun 1-4pm
Opening reception: Friday, Sept.16th 6-9pm

Ohio based artist Mack Paints’ first solo exhibition ‘No Me Without You’ focuses on strength in the abstract and showing gratitude toward the act of creation. By using materials as if they were gifts, Mack creates portals to work through addiction, healing relationships with loved ones, and imagining the endless possibilities of the future. Colorful and layered, their paintings are filled with experimental materials that feel like a dreamscape in an eternal sunrise.

Throughout their work are mantras that connect everything together, to memorialize and pay tribute to our collective need for each other. Art is a way to connect deeply to our responsibility of our inner and outer nature, and reject society’s insistence on individualizing and isolating us. Mack has connected with thousands through social media and has art collectors all over the world. They are honored to be hosted by Yellow Springs Arts Council gallery for their debut show.
To find out more or to contact Mack, please visit mackpaints.com or email at mackpaintsart@gmail.com