YSAC Gallery

 “Lifeworlds II”

Photography by John Lundy

March 15 – April 16

Gallery is open 1-4 Wednesday-Sunday

Opening Reception: March 15th  6-9 pm

Lifeworld: “The world as immediately or directly experienced in the
subjectivity of everyday life; the sum total of physical surroundings and
everyday experiences that make up an individual’s world.”
Offering up a perspective on our shared world, Lifeworlds II is a
retrospective collection of Lundy’s photographic work over the last
“Lundy’s photos are visual poetry…Quality photography,
like poetry, reignites what we negligently allow to become
mundane. It carefully attends to the beauty and detail of our
surroundings in order to slap us reminders that we are
actually witness to thousands of everyday tiny-big
miracles.” — Dr. Renee Jackson
(Assistant Professor, Temple University: Tyler School of
Lundy is a Canadian photographer, philosopher, and social
theorist who lived in Europe before moving to Yellow Springs in 2018
in order to take up a Core Faculty position in Interdisciplinary Studies
at Antioch University.
He is interested in the influence of culture and politics on art and
media (particularly film and photography) and vice versa. As part of
being a dedicated student of cinema he has worked as a film curator
for several festivals
An international award-winning photographer, Lundy is an amazing
visual storyteller.

At the YSAC Community Gallery

111 Corry St., Yellow Springs, Ohio