YS Art History

Yellow Springs Art History Project

In 2012, the Yellow Springs Arts Council embarked on an ambitious project to record the history of art in Yellow Springs, Ohio. A wiki was created that includes more than 60 years of documented arts information for the Village. Have you been involved in the art history of this creative Village? At the end of each page you’ll see a link inviting you to edit or add to this wiki content. Join us in documenting this living, breathing history!

POWA! (Photographing Older Women Artists) blog
As if dealing with sexism in the arts isn’t enough, older women face another ism that gets little attention, ageism. Older women artists continue to be overlooked, ignored or presumed past their prime or ability. The objective of authors Nancy Mellon and Corrine Bayraktaroglu is to bust the stereotypes and showcase the art life of women over 50, women whose passion and exploration in the arts is as vibrant and as exciting as ever.

Art Stories

Stories generated through YS Art History Project interviews, and articles from the Yellow Springs News.

Click here for a Yellow Springs Musicians and Composers blog, by Tim Eschliman.

Click here for Recollections about Musicians and Performers, from Phil King and Anne Johnson, who grew up in Yellow Springs in the 1950’s.