The videos embedded below are from various Yellow Springs Arts Council events. Just click on each video below to watch and share!


Nathan Folley, Jesse Thayer, and Brandon Lowery had three days, three boxes of donated ‘stuff’, and three tools each to create an art installation at the Gallery. The three met at college and spent many late nights collaborating on their creations. While learning to respect each other’s opinions and art-making skills, they mastered the air guitar and sometimes had to drag Nathan away from working all the time. They ended up being asked to work on a huge memorial metal sculpture project together, and now for the first time since then, they got the chance to create together again. The event was documented by photographer/videographer Rod Hatfield.


Nancy Mellon and the Yellow Springs Art Council put together an event spanning 3 days, where 3 artists (Pierre Nagley, Ron Hundt & Jennifer Bachelder) and 1 videographer (Travis Hawkes) would be locked in the gallery with nothing but donated materials and 3 tools that each of the artists decided to bring in order to build whatever they could fit into the gallery.

It was an incredible experience for everyone involved. Thanks again to Nancy, the YSAC and the entire Yellow Springs community for having us.

Locked In Artist Interview (Snippet)

A part of the initial interview with all three YSAC Lock-In artists:

  • Ron Hundt
  • Pierre Nagley
  • Jen Bachelder


You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.