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in the Yellow Springs Arts Council supports a creative quality of life for everyone who lives in and visits the village of Yellow Springs. The YSAC Community Gallery features visual art by local artists from many disciplines. Local musicians are featured at the monthly Arts Alive! events. People from all walks of life visit our gallery and events through the year, appreciating beauty and creativity in many forms.

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that best expresses the value you receive from the Yellow Springs Arts Council and join us in supporting the arts here in Yellow Springs. To join by mail, print a membership form and send the completed form with your check or credit card information to The Yellow Springs Arts Council, PO Box 459, Yellow Springs, OH 45387. Or use the Paypal button below to join online. Either way, thank you!

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Please use the ‘special note to sender’ section before you pay if you would like to be acknowledged by a name other than the one you use on Paypal, and if this is an artist or business/organization membership.

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“It’s extraordinary the way the Arts Council welcomes artists at all levels and gives them an opportunity to exhibit their work.”

– Kit Crawford

Suzie the Snake

“The Arts Council really does their job well, they find new blood coming in, reach out to them and start to try to get them involved.”

– Scott Stolsenberg, photographer

“Within just a few weeks of joining the Arts Council, I made professional connections that led to job opportunities.”

– Joanne Caputo, filmmaker






[…] Give to the Yellow Springs Arts Council. This link will open in a new window. […]

[…] Give to the Yellow Springs Arts Council. This link will open in a new window. […]