Volunteer Opportunities

One of the many ways that you can help the Yellow Springs Arts Council is by volunteering your time. Whether you can commit to one event or have time every week, we can use your help! Check out the below list of opportunities and contacts for more information.

YSAC Volunteer Positions Needed

Gallery Host

Purpose: To keep the Gallery Open, Wednesday- Sunday 1-4. Provide opportunities for Artists work to be seen and purchased. To help the guests to have a friendly, interesting experience. Be the welcoming face of Arts Council.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Open the Gallery, turn on lights, put out advertising i.e. A-Frame, Banner and chalk message on out door chalk board.
2. Greet guests.
3. Talk to guests about the artist/s and about what events are coming up at Arts Council.
4. Record Sales for the Artist
5. Bring in A-Frame and Banner, turn off lights and lock up the Gallery.

Estimated time Commitment: 3 hours per month (Hosts can do more than one day of Gallery Hosting.) Gallery hosts can specify a regular day/s each month to host or switch their day/s monthly.

Qualifications: Social Skills, basic math skills, (as a non-profit, we don’t add tax and a simple calculator is available) Reliability

Reports To: Gallery Hosts Coordinator – Rachel Z. Meyer

If you are interested, please contact:
Rachel Z. Meyer (Click name to send email)

Special Event Coordinator

Coordinate One Time Event

Purpose: To enrich and diversify the Arts in Yellow Springs and the Arts Council Season. Got an idea for an art event? Talk to us about it.

Here are some examples- this is all stuff we’d love to see happen but don’t have the time to do.
Example: coordinate and run an interactive YSAC Drawing Booth at Village Artisan’s August “Art On The Lawn.” For YSAC Community Engagement , Fundraising and Advertising.
Example: A Local Art Pop Up Event- A One Evening Event- Visual Artists, Musicians, Poets-In January one was Coordinated by Dylan Sage
Example:Coordinate an adult or kid art class, or a week art camp, or a series of art lectures, demos, art classes.
Example: Coordinate and Host a Get Together/Meet & Greet once a month, for new artists in town.
Example: Coordinate and run a weekly or monthly drawing from a model session.
Example: Coordiante a summer music event on our out door patio stage

Key Responsibilities:
1. Plan Event with the Gallery Committee
2. Recruit volunteers- 2 hour shifts-talk with guests and hand out promotional paper goods from YSAC, and coordinate Volunteers to help set up and take down the event.
3. Organize schedule for volunteers
4. Gather art supplies needed from YSAC or from other donators
5. Create Press Release for event and send to staff for YSAC FB and Web Site
6. Be in charge of set up and take down/return supplies on day of event.
7. Check in on activity during the event and provide volunteers with your number in case they need help when you are not there.

Estimated Time Commitment: 20 hours

Qualifications: Organizational Skills, Social Skills, Event Planning, Communication Skills

Reports To: Rachel Z. Meyer, Gallery Coordinator

To talk about this volunteer position please contact:
Rachel Z. Meyer (Click name to send email)

YSAC Patio Supervisor

Purpose: To present an appealing front for the YSAC and to attract attention to the Art Space.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Recruit a Volunteer Gardener or work with a team of Volunteer Gardeners
2. Coordinate with Gardener/s
3. Keep patio area tidy-If needed, schedule group trash pick up times with staff and volunteers.
4. Know schedule for our outdoor events and if needed and possible with your schedule, help with set up.
5. Keep stage painted and communicate with Jerome Borchers (President of Arts Council) about refurbishing stage and fence problems.

Estimated Time Commitment: 5-10 hours per month, April through October

Qualifications: Gardening skills or the ability to organize volunteers to garden, handyman/woman skills or the ability to organize volunteer/s to do up keep-painting and repairing of the stage and fence.

Reports to: Rachel Z. Meyer

To talk about this volunteer position please contact:
Rachel Z. Meyer (Click name to send email)

Volunteer Gardeners

At your own schedule and availability, we need people who love to garden.
To talk about this volunteer position please contact:
Rachel Z. Meyer (Click name to send email)

Crazy Fence Painter

We need someone to design a new attention drawing look for the fence
and then scrape and paint it.
Arts Council can pay for the paint needed

To talk about this please contact:
Rachel Z. Meyer (Click name to send email)