2024 Gallery Schedule

February 9th – March 10

2024 Members Show

Reception Friday, February 9th

Member artists will create work in the media of their choice, resulting in our community’s weirdest, wildest, most imaginative pieces of art. Is it thought provoking? Is it whimsical? Is it fun? This exhibition will be as interesting and varied as our artist community!

March 15 – April 14

“4 A.M. Girl” – Iden Crockett

Reception Friday, March 15th

Iden Crockett is a mixed media artist/writer/photographer. She creates deeply personal work examining her struggles with mental health, gender, sexuality, and her experiences as a first responder. She is the author of the award winning newspaper column My Name is Iden and two illustrated collections of poetry: Black, White, and Red All Over and Not Ded, Asleep. You can follow her journey or purchase her work at:

TRIGGER WARNING: Mental Health Struggles; Suicidal Ideation

It hurts to be this way. The cuts hurt. The cramps hurt and I am so tired.

Have you ever been so tired that you aren’t sure that you are alive? Have you ever been so tired that you want to die just so you can shut your eyes? It’s 4 am. Do you know where your artist is?

this was supposed to help. the art was supposed to help. putting my feelings into words, making pictures when there were no words for those feelings, was supposed to heal me. so what went wrong?

Why am I awake? Again. I am exhausted. Always. I am bleeding. Again. I am hungry. Always. I am crazy in all ways and I always have been.

4 am. Why? Every day I wake up at 4 am.

What went wrong? when did my therapy become my illness? i don’t know. I didn’t know then, I don’t know now, and I don’t imagine I will in the future. But this was never about what I know. It’s about what She feels.

I don’t stop. Ever. Every second I am drawing. I am writing or collaging. In Bed. At work. On the toilet. Piles of pictures. of essays. of photographs and poems.

I don’t eat because I can’t. I don’t sleep because I can’t. I don’t stop because I can’t. She won’t let me.

This, all of it, is Her’s. I am Her’s. Her. The other me. The me that cannot speak but has so much to say. The me that is invisible but needs so badly to be seen.

This is her art. I am her tool and I won’t be finished until she is.

It’s 4 am. Do you know where your artist is?

She is in hell. She is trapped in her own head. She is tired and she is wishing for death.

It is 4 am. She will never be done but, at least, she isn’t alone.

April 19 – May 19

Egg Tooth: Youth Art from YSHS

Reception Friday, April 26

Egg Tooth is an exhibition of art from Yellow Springs High School. Dozens of local youth will show off their promise, potential, and fresh perspectives. All are welcome.

Note the opening reception will be the second Friday this show is open.

May 24 – June 23

Simple Steps

Reception Friday, May 24 

Mixed Media by Carly Evans




June 28 – July 28

“The Beaver Creek Wetlands” – Ryan Taylor

Reception Friday, June 28th

Artist Statement: Ryan Taylor is an outdoor, nature and fine art photographer who has lived in Ohio all of his life. Ryan’s work infuses his background in the fine arts with his passion for the science and biology of the natural world. His purpose in creating images is for them to be aesthetically creative and also share more about the subjects he documents.

Project Statement: The Beaver Creek Wetland corridor in southwest Ohio spans many miles of habitat. Over the past decade, Ryan has documented the flora and fauna that rely on this important habitat for survival and shares his collection of works from over the years. Countless species of birds, wildflowers, trees and more are conserved in these land trusts and nature reserves for the public to experience.

To find out more about Ryan check out his:
Website: www.ryanltaylor.com
YouTube: Ryan Taylor
Instagram: @ryanltaylorphoto
Facebook: @ryanltaylorphoto (page is titled “Ryan Taylor – Outdoor, Nature & Fine Art Photographer)

August 2 – September 1

“Come Home” – Shauna Schramke

Reception Friday, August 2nd 

Timescapes and portals in abstract
Give me painted wood and out of plumb foundations – a house with strong opinions and a tender heart. A home that refuses to let go – refuses to move on or move out of the way.
Show me the layers of chipped paint and weathered paper – peeling to reveal birthdays and hard truths and measurements and impossible decisions. Every raised nail, every splinter, every wall where a child tested their art, is a portal – an intersection of time and chance. Give me an active staircase and stories of woe and joy and regret and love. Something real where I might also be – and I will stay the wind and I will distract the elements to afford us more time to come home to one another. Thank you for being here.

Shauna Schramke is a local artist living with her wife and son in Urbana, Ohio. She is an educator, a fair to middling whistler and avid time traveler. She is keen on old, quirky homes and spends her moments painting them into timescapes and portals. Her houses are people – portraits of the introverted, the less popular, the lovely, the slightly off. She paints exclusively by immersing her surroundings in music and capturing her personal sensory experience with sound on canvas. Her abstracts employ an impressionistic style, layering bold and muted colors to create depth and perspective against atmospheric backgrounds. She pays close attention to texture and includes subtle details to slow the eye and win over chaos. Her work can be found locally and with private collectors. She has been included in juried shows in Columbus, Dayton and Springfield. Shauna works from her home studio, WD Rebellion, where she welds things to other things and paints to ridiculously loud music that makes her neighbors very happy.

Website: www.wdrebellion.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WDrebellion
Instagram: @wd_rebellion_studio.

September 6 – October 6

“Maquettes” – HendersonHudson Dezign

Reception Friday, September 6

This will be a Jon Barlow Hudson maquette sculpture exhibition, but with a twist. Designers Debbie Hudson and Emily Schmidt will create a changing environment using placement and lighting to best display Hudson’s superb use of 3-dimensionality. Each week (Wednesday night) the maquettes and spot lighting will be changed, encouraging visitors to come not once, but three times. There will also be one afternoon workshop where anyone is welcome to create their own paper maquettes.

Maquette is the French word for model, such as of a building, or sculpture. Maquettes may be built with most any material: paper, poster board, card/mat board, wood, bamboo, clay, stone, metal, etc. In museums there are ancient clay maquettes from China for example.

The reason one builds a maquette is to work out design aspects, whether formal or structural, on a small, easy to work with scale. Then one can know better how to proceed with building the larger work. It is also easier to experiment with many different aspects of the project and to also go off on a tangent if that is desired.

October 11 – November 8

“Climate Crisis” – Open Members Call

Reception Friday, October 11

Open call to members for climate crisis themed work. This includes discussion of global warming, appreciation of the natural world, and everything in between.


November 15 – December 29

Holiday Art Jumble

The Village’s favorite second hand sale will return to help with your holiday shopping! Locals have donated jewelry, glass, dishware, bits and bobs, and art from around the world and from right here in Yellow Springs. The selection changes frequently, as new items are donated. The artist supply table is back so you can scratch that creative itch. Be sure to visit and see what treasures you can find!