Past Exhibits
  • 2017

    “Silks & Wire”

    August 18th – September 10th

    A Fiber Artist and a Jeweler sat next to each other one day, and fell in love with each other’s work. The outcome was Talitha Greene and Gayle Sampson creatively collaborating together for a year to create “Silk & Wire” original artisan and fine jewelry and wearable art. Fine Jewelry and Wearable Art – Art by Gayle Sampson and Talitha Greene.

    July 21st – August 13th

    “COLOR: The Language of Flowers”

    Opening Reception Photographs by Nancy Howell-Koehler on July 21st from 6-9 pm. Flower Arrangements by Glen Garden Gifts. Nancy Howell-Koehler captures the essence of a living plant through a process that is immediate, and detailed. She scans the original live flower composition with the background and all details fixed in place.

    June 16th – July 16th

    “Earth Patterns” – New Ceramics, Works on Paper and Collaborative Vessels by Dianne Collinson and Friends.

    June 16th – 6-9 pm – Opening Reception Speckled and spotted, textured and smooth, the beauty of the world where feathers, leaves and reflections mimic and call each other across landscape and species. The infinite variety of nature’s patterns migrate from the fields, forests and sea, the owl’s plumage repeated on the surface of paper and clay, and crystal waters cast forward in the depth of a glaze.

    May 19th – Jun 11th

    “1 in 5” – Art by Kathryn Olson

    “The struggle with my mind and my body is what I am left with. Because of what happened I am to be blamed by how I am dressed, how I act, what my sexual history is, and I have no voice in any of it. Displaying a visual representation on my personal experience with rape and sexual assault, 1 in 5 reflects on and continues the conversations that I have with myself.”

    April 21st – May 14th

    “Bosom Buddies” – A Journey Through Breast Cancer

    Presented by the Jafagirls – Two friends and invited guests share how a diagnosis of breast cancer affects patients, friends and family. This is an exploration of the creative ways, they have dealt with the roller coaster of emotions: of fear, anger, grief, bewilderment, and joy.

    March 17th – April 16th

    “Try Another Way” Redefining Dis-abilities

    • 17th 6-9 pm – Opening Reception – Community Show presented by Nicki Strouss – A show about the experience of living with a
      disability or being a part of the life of a person with a disability.
    • “People without disabilities or without friends or family with disabilities, sometimes have difficulty understanding and relating to
      those of us who live with a disability. This show hopes to bridge that gap. Our lives are not that different from others, we just
      sometimes have to Try Another Way to succeed.”
    February 17th-March 12th

    “Breaking the Rules” – The Members Show
    Art by YSAC Members

    What rules? Art rules? Personal rules? Mom’s rules? Society’s rules?
    The Show’s rule to make art that breaks the rules? Wonder what will be in the YSAC Members Show? We don’t know until the art is
    dropped off. But it’s always fun to see what Artists have been up to.



    “Sculpture: Recovering from 30 Years in Management”

    October 23rd – November 13th

    Art by Richard Lapedes

    A proud member and YS community giver, Richard Lapedes has been gracing the stage with his multimedia sculptures that prompt human expression through metaphorical and expressional means. His work will be on display in the YSAC gallery, a larger-than-life collection encouraged to be seen.

    Yellow Springs Sketch Crawl

    October 2

    “Views from the Labyrinth” Rajan Kose and Brian Maughan

    August 19 – September 11

    A selection of past and recent art from a couple of old dudes who’ve been wandering in the labyrinth for decades.

    “Observations, Flowers and Landscapes”: Art Work by Ann Gayek and Michele BonDurant

    July 15 – August 14

    Flowers, Gardens and Landscapes, the warmth of the sun in hot, drenched yellows, deep, cool shadows under bridges, abandoned buildings burrowed in nature, and meditative views from the lake. Two Women Artists with very different views of Landscapes.



    Holiday Art Jumble
    December 4 – January 3, 2016
    Find a treasure from the many items donated for our annual fundraiser. Shop from Out-of-the-Closet Art, Grandma’s Arty Knickknacks, Hand-Crafted Whimsy, and Art Supplies in this yearly community art reshuffle. IMG_1383
    Locked In: Team 2, a creative collaboration between Nathaniel Foley, Brandon Lowery and Jesse Thayer
    November 13 – 29
    3 Artists spent 3 days locked in the gallery to create an installation with 3 large boxes of ‘stuff’ donated by the community. Each chose 3 tools to aid in their creative process. 101115_326
    Explorations of Dreams and Memories, work by Sharri Phillips
    October 16 – November 8
    The artist states, “Through working with a variety of materials such a fabric, paint and paper mache, I try to create expressions of dreams and memories which often overlap in the most whimsical and mysterious of ways.” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
    “The Sunflower Show”, a group show presented by Tecumseh Land Trust
    September 19 – October 11
    The Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC) encourages painting in nature through ‘Paint Outs’ at various sites in the Miami Valley. In September of 2014, DVAC collaborated with Tecumseh Land Trust and with Dave and Sharen Neuhardt, owners of Whitehall Farm, to invite both kids and adults to paint for a day in the Neuhardt’s 10 acre sunflower field. Both experienced and novice artists gathered, painted, drew, and discussed their art with each other and with Wright State Emeritus Professor David Leach. The art produced on and around this day forms our body of work. (Shown Here: Summer’s End by Corrine Bayraktaroglu) summer's end sunflower photograph
    “A Green Desire”, collage and mixed media by Jeff Mellott
    August 21 – September 13
    Jeff Mellot is having a conversation with trees. His current work focuses on the symbol of the tree. What is the nature of trees? How do they co exist with all of life? Man has used them for shelter and warmth and art. Wildlife make their homes in them, use them for protection and for vertical playgrounds. They feast on them. The show presented his work reflecting on the symbol of the tree – the tree of life, the individuality of a tree, it’s relationships and transformation into written and visual narratives.
    “Reflections”, work by Monday Morning Artists
    July 17 – August 16
    The Monday Morning Artists create pieces in a variety of mediums. In 2010, a small group of artists decided they wanted to do a ‘drawing a day’ project to grow as artists. They had so much fun that they decided to continue to meet monthly to share and create together. And that’s how the group “The Monday Morning Artists” was born. Every year or so, they exhibit their art as a group; this was their fourth exhibit.
    “Botanical”: Impressions in Clay, Glass, and Photography by Dianne Collinson, Kit Crawford and Dennie Eagleson Kit_YSAC_2
    June 19 – July 12
    Each of the artists approached the theme of “Botanical” working in their individual medium. Through their work with clay, glass and photography, each discovered in the natural world corresponding qualities of line, color and light.
    “Pleasure in the Pathless Woods” Photography by Michael Lynch
    May 15 – June 14
    At first, Mike Lynch was a painter. After a while, he started using a camera to photograph his subjects for his paintings. The camera was a revelation. He felt it freed him. In Mike’s words: “When you first look over the show you will think that it is simply nudes in nature. It is that, but it is also a study of texture, form, shape, and color. The photos explore the idea of the goddess and the nude. The images illustrate emotions. They capture the human female form in all four seasons. The images blend together landscape photography and fine art. “
    “Figural Painting: All About the Human Body and Face”, work by Tom Verdon
    April 17 – May 10
    Tom is a figurative painter who paints the many forms, shapes and expressions of our fellow creatures. He is used to other artists being around him while he works, and shares his studio weekly with a group of artists for live model painting/ drawing sessions.
    “#ysgram”, a Photographic Essay of Yellow Springs by 8 local Instagram photographers, Amy Hable, Corrine Bayraktaroglu, Talitha Green, Sandi Sharp, Steve Ali, Lori Gravley, Julius Eason and Adrian Cosby YS Grams Amy Hable
    March 20 – April 12
    So what is Instagram, you may ask? Instagram can be a creative obsession, it’s mindfulness, it’s capturing and sharing a moment in time, it’s communal play, it’s a way of seeing. OR Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing social networking service. This photo was taken by Amy Hable
    Members’ Show “Family and Other Animals” Cold Comfort
    February 20 – March 15
    Man has made images of mankind and animals from the beginning of time. Why? Artists are invited to immortalize, satirize, blend, create a new species, or a new family, capture a likeness, expose a soul or maybe explore how far they can push their imagination with wild fantasy creatures. Work was in many mediums. “Cold Comfort” by Kathy Verneer Moulton is pictured.


    Holiday Art Jumble IMG_3394-sm
    December 5 – 31
    Find a treasure from the many items donated for our annual fundraiser. Shop from Out-of-the-Closet Art, Grandma’s Arty Knickknacks, Hand-Crafted Whimsy, and Art Supplies in this yearly community art reshuffle.
    Locked In: A Creative Collaboration
    Work by Ron Hundt, Jennifer Bachelder, Pierre Nagley and videographer Travis Hawkes
    One work created during "Locked In"
    November 11 – 30
    3 Artists spent 3 days locked in the gallery to create an installation with 3 large boxes of ‘stuff’ donated by the community. Each chose 3 tools to aid in their creative process.
    Plastic World
    Work by Mary Ellen Croteau
    Eye by Mary Ellen Croteau
    October 18 – November 9
    Beautiful artworks from plastic waste made by an internationally-known Chicago Eco Artist
    Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse 20th Year Celebration Show Set piece by Pierre Nagley
    September 19 – October 12
    YSKP staff and volunteers dug through the ‘archives’ and found great treasures! There were wild and colorful puppets, props, posters, masks and costumes – 20 years of visual art created by Yellow Springs Artists for YSKP productions.
    “I Always Liked to Look at the Pictures”
    work by Kathy Verner Moulton
    August 15 – September 14
    Books for children and the young at heart, written and illustrated by Kathy Verner Moulton
    “Phyllis’ Show”
    Photography by Nance Parent
    July 18 – August 10
    Nature photos in honor of the artist’s mother.
    “Gone To The Birds”
    work by photographer Talitha Greene and local artists
    June 20 – July 13
    “For The Birds” features Talitha Greene’s award winning photographs taken over a decade of documenting individual Glen Helen Raptor Center Birds. Included in the Gallery Exhibit was an unusual Bird Aviary full of zany, sweet, beautifully crafted 3/D Art Birds, made by many local artists.
    Memories in the Attic
    Work by Celise McKee
    May 16 – June 15
    New uses for old, discarded things—finding beauty in the humble and the everyday.
    Art is Vice
    work by Gary Birch – Painter
    Gary Birch sm
    April 18 – May 11
    Gary works with acrylic paint and charcoal on wood. He may attach objects to the painting or use spray paint or cut the rectangle apart and reconfigure the images into a whole with less balance. Some of his paintings are framed, but most are left without that boundary.
    What Deals Have You Made With Your Dreams?
    work by Ira Beryl Brukner – Outsider Artist
    Ira Beryl Brukner March 2014
    March 21 – April 13
    A show of irregularly irregular, abstract-expressionist, non-conformist art.
    Members’ Show: Stretch – And Now For Something New Kit Crawford 2
    February 21 – March 16
    Celebrate the Artists of Yellow Springs, who have stretched themselves to create a wide variety of works for this show. (Pictured work is by Kit Crawford)


    Holiday Art Jumble Holiday Jumble 2013
    Fundraiser and Community Art Re-Shuffle December 8 – 31
    Find a treasure from the many items donated for our annual fundraiser. Shop from Out-of-the-Closet Art, Grandma’s Arty Knickknacks, Hand-Crafted Whimsy, and Art Supplies in this yearly community art reshuffle.
    My Own Species: What Does It Mean?work by Tom Verdon & Parviz Dadras
    November 8 – December 1
    Classical paintings and drawings by two local artists.
    Maquettes For Large Scale Public Sculptures
    work by Jon Barlow Hudson
    October 18 – November 3
    A maquette is a preliminary, usually small model (as of a sculpture or a building).
    The Dreamer’s Journey: Passages Thru Inner Landscapes
    Work by Carol Allin
    September 20- October 13
    Primarily an illustrator and sketch artist, Carol Allin uses pencils, pen-and-ink, and chalk or oil pastels in her dreamscape drawings.
    Bling! The Jewelry Show
    work by artisan and fine jewelers
    turquoise ed (1)
    August 16- September 15, 2013
    Jewelry made using a wide variety of techniques and materials including precious metals, semi-precious stones and polymer clays.
    In and out of space and timework by Patricia High patriciahigh Blood Orange I-series 1-5
    July 19- August 11
    Patricia High’s dramatic, abstract paintings focus on the “connection between matter and the spiritual energy that governs.”
    Who Are We?Sculpture by Alice Robrish robrishSculpture2
    June 14 – July 14
    Alice Robrish makes classical, figurative sculptures in ceramic and paper mache, frequently incorporating found materials. Her work gives voice to prominent, timeless issues. Alice’s current work focuses on the lives of the unsung, with an emphasis on minorities and women.
    THREE ARTISTS Figure Objectswork by Gerry Fogerty, Palli Davis and Beth Holyoke
    May 17- June 9
    The exhibit is the work of three artists who have known each other for many years, each exploring different media. In this show the emphasis is on the human figure.
    work by Sandi Sharp, Debbi Kampel, Leanne Foley
    April 19 – May 12
    Three artists who also work as educators and through art therapy; Three friends who are brought together to showcase the expressive, observational, and joyful nature of art making; Three different artistic explorations showing individual processes and direction.
    Fiber & Fabric
    Work by Julia Cady, Luisa Owen, Deb Henderson
    March 15 – April 14
    From weaving on a loom, to “painting’ with fabric, to using a sewing machine to make a historical play come alive, these three artists are in love with Fiber and Fabric.
    Member Show: Art for Change
    February 15 – March 10
    Artists harness the power of art to promote awareness, provoke dialogue, and inspire action.

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