2018 Year In Review

This past year, the YS Arts Council has coordinated 3 Galleries, 2 in partnership: The Alcove Gallery in partnership with Antioch University Midwest, and The John Bryan Community Gallery in partnership with the YS Arts &Culture Commission. 

Through our “Local Art History” series, we celebrated the “Banner Festival”  with original banners from the Festival lining the halls of the JBC Gallery.  At the opening reception there was a Panel Talk: with Maxine Skuba, Beth Holyoke,  and Terri Schoch and a Banner Slide show created by Irwin Inman and a  Banner Festival Video created by Susan Gartner. The Banner Festivals spanned From 1988-2012.   Over 400 Yellow Springers, of all ages, created banners, For our show and to keep in the Permanent Collection, we created a timeline of participants by year, for all the Banner Festivals.

The YSAC Permanent Collection, a Heritage Collection, has grown by 16 pieces to be over 200 pieces representing the art of our local artists, donated by local artists and art collectors.
We celebrated this year the return of the Collection to the John Bryan Center. It’s home base is now at the John Bryan Center and includes storage space for the parts of the collection that are not currently on view.  Much of the collection is still being hosted by AUM. 

At the YSAC Gallery, we coordinated 10 shows plus the Holiday Art Jumble and the Holiday Concert with Heartstrings at the YSAC Gallery. This year’s Group Shows included a members Show, an invitational woodworkers show, and a community show of miniature art.  Our 2018 Members show and the 3×3 or Less Community show we offered each had over 60 artists involved.

There were partner shows and shows by individuals, from photography to oil paintings, to water colors, to Surrealist mixed media.

We have coordinated six two-month long shows at the Alcove Gallery, a pocket sized gallery hosted by AUM- from emerging to seasoned artists.

The  Arts Council’s YS Open Studios Committee have coordinated with the YS Chamber and Bing Design to put on YS Open Studios, a free 2 day studio tour. There were 17 Studios and 29 artists on the tour. The YSOS website includes an interactive guide and map and also maintains lists of all the artists who have been a part of the event in previous years.

We host monthly, in our YSAC multi purpose space, the YS Hootenanny, and twice a month, the Ukulele Club meets in our multi-purpose room to play together and learn from each other.

We had the pleasure of being part of the YS PorchFest, hosting 3 different groups of musicians on our patio stage.
We have offered our patio to artists in the community for space to sell their work during Street Fair.
Over fifty regular volunteers help to make the events at the Arts Council possible.
We thank you for your continued support, and hope you’ll help us to make 2019 an even more amazing year for the arts in YS!