Our Members

The artists, individuals and businesses listed here encourage the vibrancy of the arts scene here in Yellow Springs by supporting the work of the YSAC. Please, support them and help our arts community continue to thrive!

Anyone who wants to support the Yellow Springs arts community can become a member of the Yellow Springs Arts Council. Click here to learn more about becoming a member. Artists and businesses with a web presence, send us your URL and we’ll add you to this page, and connect more visitors to your site!

Individual Members

Tia Acheson

Sara M. Gray

Harvey Paige

Joan Ackerman

Larry Halpern

Steven Ramey

Greg Anderson

Tim Haney

Claire Reynolds

Anna Arbor

Kathryn Hitchcock

Cheyenne Sandoval

Karen Balliet

Beth & Andy Holyoke

Sherraid Scott

Tim Barhorst

Deb & Matt Housh

Stephen Sharp

Charlotte Battino

Angie Hsu

Pat Shaw

Corrine Bayraktaroglu

Paula Hutsell

Judith Sigmund

Dan Beverly

Greg Jankowski

Maxine Skuba

Craig Boman

Sandy Kai

Carol Smith

Julia Cady

Christine Klinger

Ryan Taylor

Mary Cargan

Bonnie Kuntz

Margrit Tydings-Petrie

Virginia Caudill

Evelyn LaMers

Holly & Tom Underwood

Nora Chalfont

Janet Lasley

Barbara Vandecreek

Dianne Collinson

Cynthia Livezy

Thomas Verdon

Parviz & Hariett Dadras

Tom Logsdon

John Wehner

Diane Davis

Vivian Markley

Barbara Weinert-McBee

Angela Day

Theresa Mayer

Susan Wolf

Lenore Doctor

Ryn McCall

Paula Womacks

Samantha Farkas

Nancy Mellon

Patty Wyke

Susan Finster

Susan & Phil Miller

Lisa Wolters

John E. & Barbara Fleming

Sharon Mohler

Joan Young

Susan Gartner

Kathleen Moulton

Chris Zurbuchen

Nick Gaskins

Chris Murphy

Michael Zwart

Larry Gerthoffer

Fern Opotow

Member Organizations

Starkey Art

Mizhael ZW Art

Yellow Springs Community Music

Business/Organizational Members

The above membership list is up-to-date as of November 4, 2020. Don’t see your name? Have a question about it? Contact us for an answer. If you are a current member and would like your listing updated (link added, name updated, etc.) please contact us.