Permanent Collection

I didn’t realize how extensive the Permanent Collection is!
– Rebecca Eschliman

Initiated in 1992, the Permanent Collection represents the artistic heritage of the Village of Yellow Springs. The Permanent Collection Mission is to represent Yellow Springs Artists through the preservation of their art by collecting, exhibiting and storing works that demonstrate the ideals, passions and creativity of our community now and in the future.

How many pieces of art are there?

Krishna Krossing, from the collection of Nancy Howell-Koehler

Krishna Krossing, from the collection of Nancy Howell-Koehler

Over 200 (one of them by Eddie Eckenrode is on loan from Sam Eckenrode). Artwork was originally acquired through donations by Yellow Springs artists who exhibited at the John Bryan Community Gallery. A few of the artists have more than one piece in the collection, mostly in different mediums. We have work by 89 artists. Nancy Howell-Koehler’s Photographic Survey of Yellow Springs of 58 photos makes up a third of the collection. A slideshow featuring much of the collection is below.

Who are the artists?

They are almost completely local though a few have been donated to us that have some kind of different tie to Yellow Springs. They include Amy Blount Achor (photography), Anna Arbor (watercolor), Kathy Austin (pen & ink), Jennifer Bachelder & Ron Hundt (mixed media), Corrine Bayraktaroglu (mixed media), Ira Beryl Bruckner (oil painting), Anna Burke (acrylic painting), Julia Cady (Bolar and Vinyl Tubing), Carolion (watercolor), Mary W. Chapman (ceramics), Dawn Cooksey (music CD), Mary B. Cooper (watercolor), Paul Cooper (pastels), Mary Cover (ceramics), Mary Cover (oil painting), Patti Dallas (DVD), Dennie Eagleson (photography), E. Eckenrode (pastels; reproduction; painting), Melina Elum (photography), Theresa Flannery (marker & crayon), Michael Fleishman (acrylic & oil pastels), Susan Gartner (photography), Pam Geisel (textiles), Stan Goldberg (photography), Talitha Greene (acrylics), Travis Hawkes (DVD), Deb Henderson (Ladies costume & hat), Beth Hertz (diptych), Patricia High (mixed media), Fred Honchell (watercolor), Deborah Housh (acrylics), Matt Housh, Jessica Kinser & Ryan Henry (music CD), Nancy Howell-Koehler (photography), John Barlow Hudson (photograph of sculpture), Ron Hundt (wood sculpture), Irwin Inman (photographic book; photography), Jafagirls (public installations 2007-2011), Cindy Butler Jones (ceramics), Julie Karlson (pastels), Linda Kelsey-Jones (photo collage & fiber), Ernest Koerlin (painting), Gail Kort (print), Jennifer Bachelder, Travis Hawkes, Ron Hundt & Pierre Nagley (mixed media), Steve Lord (photography), Alan Macbeth (portrait), Mitzy Manny (painting), Celise McKee (mixed media), Kathleen McMillan (watercolor), Nancy Mellon (acrylics), Nevin Mercede (photo-collage books; photography), Sithemobile Nxumalo Mgombane (print & collage), Sharon Mohler (ceramics), Kathy Verner Moulton (book; fabric & hand quilting; print), Pierre Nagley (colored pencil drawings), Glenn Owen, Robert Parker (photography), Sue T. Parker (photography), Robert Paschell (print), Margaret Petrie (paper mache and mixed media), W. Alan Raney (acrylics), Jessica Roller (acrylics), Steve Rumbaugh (acrylics), Karen Russell (textiles), Teresa Schalnat-Bashaw (painting), Uta Schenck (oil painting), Alex Scott (chap book), Sherraid Scott (etching/aquatint), Maxine Skuba (textiles), Sharon Shaver (acrylics), Kathleen Shay (painting), Ken Simon (mixed media), Johanna Smith (mosaic), Scott Stolsenberg (photography), Sarah Strong (woodblock print), R. Stuckman, Theresa Thinness (photography), Tom Till, Grace A. Valey (oil painting), Barbara Walker (watercolor and oil pastel), Robert Whitmore (print), David Willis (photography), Naomi Witt (gouache), Lisa Wolters (ceramics), Paula Womacks (ceramics), Paula Womacks (pastels), Jonatha & Harold Wright (storytelling DVD), Jonatha & Harold Wright, & Sherraid Scott (book). (On the header you see work by Karen Russell, K. Austin, Margrit Tydings-Petrie, Melina Elum, Jessica Roller and Sarah Strong.)

What mediums are represented?

Photography, oil painting, watercolors, textiles, pottery, books, pastels, wood, mixed media, paper mache, collage, music, storytelling, DVDs of interviews and events and more

Where is the collection?

YSAC is proud to partner with the Village of Yellow Springs for a display of the major portion of the collection at The John Bryan Community Center, 100 Dayton Street. It can be viewed during their normal hours of operation.

YSAC also partners with Antioch University Midwest (AUM) for a displaying other portions of the collection which can be viewed during AUM’s general operating hours Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm. Click the images on the right to see a larger version of the map of where the works are located.

Ernest Koerlin’s oil painting “Untitled Forest”, 52 x 72, is beside the police dispatcher window in the John Bryan Center and Kathleen Shay’s oil painting “untitled” 68 x 68, is at the YSAC Community Multi-Use Art Space.

The 3D part of the Permanent Collection is in storage. We plan to display these pieces once they can be displayed safely and securely.

Curators and Stewards

Active members of the Arts Council founded the project and YSAC continues to maintain the collection. The original curators were Anna Arbor, Barbara Walker, Margrit Petrie and Steve Rumbaugh. Anna continued to curate the collection for many years. Deb Housh curated the collection for a couple of years before it passed on to the current curator, Nancy Mellon, who is also the current YSAC Gallery Coordinator.

Flesh Crawling Tales of Old Japan

Book by Jonatha & Harold Wright, illustrated by Sherraid Scott

In 2015, a Permanent Collection Stewardship Committee was created to oversee the collection. The purpose of the Stewardship Committee is to protect the future of the collection, grow the collection, keep historical records of the collection and the artists who created the art, and to help the Village of Yellow Springs know about its artists—past and present—and grow to love the art in their collection through information about, stories, interactive art games, tours, and Local Art History Events. The 10-member Committee includes local artists, a representative from the YSAC Board (Jane Baker) and the curator.


The Permanent Collection is still alive and growing, as new works continue to be donated to the collection. New generations of artists and art collectors continue to gift the people of Yellow Springs with works of local art to be included in this historical legacy for the Village. We welcome performance DVDs, Music CDs and written materials in addition to visual art. If you have a piece or collection to donate, please contact the YSAC at 937-679-9722 or