Phil King & Anne Johnson on Music & Performance

Phil King and Anne Johnson
Recollections about Music & Performance in Yellow Springs

Phil King and Anne Johnson were kids in Yellow Springs in the 1950’s. This lively couple laughed and bubbled with memories about the many different musicians and performers in the Village:

There was the Antioch Area Theater, which was run out of the Opera House. In the 50’s it had lots of plays with local people. John Lithgow was in the theater along with Beryl Dallas. Jessica Andrews was in theater and was a dancer.

In the early 1950’s, Louise Solberg had a dance studio at N. College and Xenia Ave. She also taught dance at the Antioch School. Gertrude Metcalf, wife of the famous Antioch College stained glass art professor Robert Metcalf, taught stained glass to children at the Antioch School. The school was located in the Mills House at that time.

Pete Seeger with the Weavers came and played at Mills Lawn. Burl Ives came to the Union School House (then called the Dayton St. School). Paul Richard “Richie” Furay from Buffalo Springfield grew up here. And so did Greg Dewey from Mad River and Country Joe & the Fish. Joy Blackett was a national award winning opera singer from Yellow Springs.

From 1958-1960 the Lemon Tree was a Tea Shop in town. They hosted live folk players all the time.

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