Gerry Fogarty

Gerry Fogarty

Memories of a Yellow Springs Artist

“In 1968 I arrived in Yellow Springs on the crest of a growing counterculture movement. This broad agenda espoused environmental, anti war, civil rights and free speech strategies. Having grown up in Oakland, California with Berkeley as my next-door neighbor, I felt an immediate affinity for Antioch College.

While I was a stay-at-home mom with a two-year-old child, and another one on the way, the Yellow Springs Arts Council was granted the use of the old John Bryan High School. It had been empty and unused for several years. At that time the Yellow Springs Village offices were located in the old Union School House, at 314 Dayton Street. Arts Council board and members, along with other community supporters, scrubbed and painted the empty building. They designated studios where a wide range of classes such as ceramics, weaving, jewelry making, and photography would be taught.

Back in my college days, I took a lone art course in basic design. This experience whetted my interest in weaving. So when I heard that a beginning weaving class was being offered at the Bryan Art Center, I jumped at the opportunity. I was initially self-conscious and uncertain of my inherent artistic abilities. I timidly approached the weaving teacher, a second year Antioch College student, and explained to her that I wished only to weave plain brown table napkins. Looking dismayed, she said that would be okay.

I never did weave those napkins but instead rushed forward into a life-long career of making fiber-based artwork. I’ll always be grateful to the YSAC.”

Gerry Fogarty has enjoyed a vibrant art career. She has exhibited in Yellow Springs, Dayton, and numerous cities across the county. Her artwork continues to focus on fiber and found object assemblage sculptures. In May of 2013, Gerry exhibited at the Yellow Springs Arts Council Gallery with Beth Holyoke and Palli Davis in a show entitled, “Three Artists”.

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