Art Co-ops

An artist cooperative or co-op is an autonomous visual arts organization or association jointly-owned and democratically-controlled by its members. There are a few available in this area:


The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative
913 North Keowee Street, Dayton

Member supported non-profit group of printmakers and artists who use and maintain the studio and equipment. Membership is open to anyone interested in the art of printmaking. Summer, student, and full memberships are offered. To learn more, contact David Leach at cdavidleach at gmail dot com or call 937-294-4518.


Sinclair Community College
444 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio, 45402-1460
(937) 512-2508

The Internship/Co-op Program alternates or combines periods of college study with periods of experience in Science, Mathematics and Engineering fields. Students are provided the opportunity to gain career related work experience while earning college credits toward their degree.


Village Artisans
100 Corry Street

This Fine Art and Craft Co op of 20 local artists accepts new member applications, which you can pick up at the Gallery. Members pay $400 a year in dues and 10% of their sales, they work at the shop one-two days a month, go to one meeting a month, and help run Art On The Lawn.


Yellow Springs Pottery
Kings Yard, 222 Xenia Avenue

Co-op of ceramic artists with a gallery in Kings Yard in downtown Yellow Springs.

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