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     “According to artist Alice Robrish, the quality of the gallery, with good lighting, staff, a good location and a space for classes, plus the organization’s extensive internet presence ‘is a terrific service to the art community and the wider community. They nourish the connections between the artists in town. It enriches all of us.”

    -Yellow Springs News, June 2013

    Currently in the Gallery

    “A Green Desire” — Work by Jeff Mellott
    August 21 – September 13

    Jeff Mellott is having a conversation with trees. His current work focuses on the symbol of the tree. What is the nature of trees? How do they co exist with all of life? Man has used them for shelter and warmth and art. Wildlife make their homes in them, use them for protection and for vertical playgrounds. They feast on them.

    But for Jeff it’s more mystical than talking about the nature of tree and their uses. We have used trees to tell our stories and made them part of our myths and religions.


    “Out of trees comes paper, paper is used as a medium for recording words, words are used for the naming of all particular things.” Jeff begins with a book. He uses the book’s title and subject for inspiration. As he says “the source and the project. I start with an idea and then let it evolve and the materials interact.”

    Using a page from a book as the ground from which his art springs, Jeff collages and paints on it. It’s an interweaving of word and image to create story. The multi layers of narrative from the blending of word and image and how they connect is rich with possibilities.

    The paintings that he creates are embedded in words. Jeff has been using books as a part of his work for the past 6 years. He’s interested in written and visual narratives ­ how they’re similar and how they are different “Books use words which we then add mental pictures. Art uses a picture or symbol which we then try to express as words.”

    Jeff says he was influenced by life experience, travel, mythology, psychology and nature.

    Come meet Jeff and find the stories in the Trees at his opening reception on Friday, August 21 from 6 – 9 pm.


    Upcoming in the Gallery


    Saturday, September 5 from 12 – 5 pm

    Art House-Hop


    Artwork due September 14 & 15. Click for details.



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