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     “According to artist Alice Robrish, the quality of the gallery, with good lighting, staff, a good location and a space for classes, plus the organization’s extensive internet presence ‘is a terrific service to the art community and the wider community. They nourish the connections between the artists in town. It enriches all of us.”

    -Yellow Springs News, June 2013

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    “Altered”: Art By Landon Crowell
    June 17 – July 10

    07lostcanyons of the broken and departed (detail)2“Altered” is a show about altered landscapes, realities, memories and materials. 
    “Our memories over time fade, all the fine detail gets lost, except for those few gems of detail that make each memory special. Maybe its how brilliantly deep blue the sky was, the deepest blue you have ever witnessed.” Crowell’s art deals with those memories, and the remnants of the previous life of the materials.

     His art is made of basic construction materials scavenged from construction site dumpsters and demo projects from remodels. They had a previous life, ranging from shelving, stud walls, and even Art shipping crates. This gives the elements of each piece a memory, a previous life.

    04score and curlLandon Crowell minimally alters his materials so they still retain a sense of their intended purpose and yet at the same time become something completely different. 

    After four and a half years studying Metalsmithing and Sculpture at the University of Akron, he completed his B.F.A. in Sculpture at Wright State University. Landon has spent over 17 years traveling and living in Arizona, New Mexico and Vermont, honing his technical skills and exploring the art making process. 

    “The work in “Altered” is a culmination of ideas and material experimentation that I have been working on since 2010, with some elements reaching back as far as 1975.”

    “The work is based on memories, emotional attachments to concrete ideas and realities present in specific geographic locations. But when the work is constructed and the materials are “Altered” the concrete realities become a new place, almost a fantasy place. Landscapes that are very similar to the American West. Due to fading memories and realities they seem as if they are real, and a place that you have maybe visited as a child when your whole family took that summer road trip across the west.”

    Locally Landon Crowell’s art has been seen at WSU, Rosewood, DVAC and in artist­collaborative pop­up shows in the area. He is currently the Sculpture and Gallery Technician at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. 

    Please join us for the Opening Reception June 17 from 6 – 9 pm, during Yellow Springs Art Stroll. Refreshments will be offered; artist’s talk at 7 pm.


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    June 18

    YS Hootenanny

    June 21

    Who Wore What, When & Where?  1890 – 1915

    June 24 – 26

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