• 111 Corry Street, Yellow Springs Open Wednesday thru Sunday, 1 – 4pm

     “According to artist Alice Robrish, the quality of the gallery, with good lighting, staff, a good location and a space for classes, plus the organization’s extensive internet presence ‘is a terrific service to the art community and the wider community. They nourish the connections between the artists in town. It enriches all of us.”

    -Yellow Springs News, June 2013

    Currently in the Gallery


    November 10 – 12
    “Locked In: A Creative Collaboration” 

    “It keeps sticking with me how all three were thinking they may not fit in with the others; age, gender, locality….and, that they admitted it. I wonder if each realizes that the reason it did work was that each did bring respect, humility, graciousness, and the so important sense of humor.” —  Sandi Sharp

    3 Artists

    For 3 days

    Were locked in to the Gallery to create an art installation

    They each brought 3 Art Tools

    They had 3 boxes of unknown stuff to work from

    And 1 Videographer 24/3 Filmed it all

    View the resulting installation at the gallery through November 30. Our artists are Ron Hundt from Kettering, Ohio, who presented us with a box. It held “American Gothic Reimagined as Stick Figues.” Jennifer Bachelder from Westerville, Ohio, whose reference said “Trash+Art+meeting and working with new artists=Jen.” She holds trash parties for friends to create art. Pierre Nagley from Yellow Springs, Ohio, who sent 6 pictures in totally different mediums, including a 7-foot-tall Bottle Cap Buddha. With videographer Travis Hawkes from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, who shoots and edits videos for a living-we went to his web site, watched his videos-bingo, he’s in!

    YSAC Presents: LOCKED IN – A CREATIVE COLLABORATION from Travis Hawkes on Vimeo.

    November 21-22, 28-29 from 1-3 PM
    NaNoWriMo / NaBloPoMo Write Ins

    Whether you are taking part in the NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo challenges this month, or just need some quiet away from your normal distractions, join us in the Multi-Arts Event Room at the YSAC Community Gallery to focus on your writing. Feel free to bring coffee and a snack along with your laptop or notepad. Write Ins will happen on the Fridays and Saturdays in November and all of them are FREE.


    Upcoming in the Gallery

    November 15 – December 28
    Donate To the Holiday Art Jumble

    Holiday Jumble 2013The holidays are nearing, which means the annual Holiday Art Jumble is just around the corner! We invite you to donate anything fascinating, lovable, crafty or “arty” that you are ready to pass on or no longer have a place for. We would love your Out-of-the-Closet Art, Grandma’s Arty Knickknacks, Hand-Crafted Whimsy, and Art Supplies.

    Drop off your “Art Treasure” donations from Wednesday to Sunday (1-4 pm) between November 15 and December 1 at the YSAC Gallery at 111 Corry Street or call Nancy Mellon at 937-767-1366 to work out another time. (So that we can keep restocking the Jumble, we will continue to accept donations after we open through December 28th during open gallery hours.)

    Sorry, we cannot accept used toys, clothing, kitchen appliances or books. (Of course, if the item is just plain screaming “This Is ART!”, we will gladly make an exception!) If it’s a big item (say vintage velvet furniture that’s amazing), please call Nancy Mellon at 937-767-1366 to discuss.

    December 5 from 6 - 9 PM
    Members-Only Sneak Peek

    YSAC Members will get the first chance to shop from the bounty of this year’s Holiday Art Jumble. Enjoy wine, cheese and holiday nibbles while you shop.

    December 6 -31
    Holiday Art Jumble

    slug--jumbleWhat is a Jumble? It’s an old British term for a Rummage Sale. But we have given it a different twist: ours is an Art Jumble.  Everything in it is fine art, handmade crafts, art supplies or in the dubious but fun category of “arty.” But it’s still about raising money for a good cause. And it’s painless and satisfying to pass on art that you are no longer showcasing in your home but still want it to go to something good. This is an event that people love to come to, to see all the oddities and beauties, and hunt for that perfect gift and of course, they love the “get it for a bargain” part too. The Arts Council Gallery Committee brings their artist eyes and skills to arrange and make everything look beautiful. Think British Tea Room at the Holidays, smelling of fresh pine and sparkling with snow. We will have the Tea Pot on and cookies to munch.  Have a “cuppa” and chat with our jumble elves. (They are really our gallery hosts but they sure look like elves to me!) What can you expect to see? Yellow Springs has many world travelers so we have had art from all around the world donated each year.  We have been totally blown away with the art that has been donated over the last years. It is so varied, from Framed Fine Art Paintings to a collection of magnificent Circus Posters, to Textile Art like Molas and embroidered shawls, to a teeny leather duck from Poland and a collection of painted owls, to hand crafted dolls and antique jewelry. You never know what will be donated, and what you will find at the Jumble. It’s a mystery.

    December 6 from 7 – 10 PM
    Singer/Songwriter Performance featuring: David Schumacher, Gary Arnold, and Russell Shaw

    David Schumacher says, “Songwriting is one way for the artist to reflect when he or she has been moved by something or someone. The inner response to that event, or attraction, is given form, and portrayed in a story… I’ll write a song when the experience is still brewing inside. I have to put it somewhere, where it can have a life of it’s own.” Gary Arnold has a gift. As a writer he is aware and deliberate. As a performer he can hide the seams. He is a product of his global environment full of influences from every walk of life. His message is simple, we are all the same. His work feels familiar, warm and grounded. Catch him if you can. Russell Shaw grew up in Yellow Springs. He played with local band “Winter Street”, which later became “Natural Facts”, and enjoyed sitting in with other local groups. In Yellow Springs, the word “guitar” is almost synonymous with Russell Shaw. He has played in numerous bands over the years, usually on electric guitars that he builds. All the while, he has been writing his own songs too. Russ will present original songs as a collection for the first time. $5 suggested donation


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