Fence Art Gallery Project
  • Mills Park Fence Art Gallery Project

    DSC_8555-smThe Mills Park Fence Art Gallery Project grew out of developer Jim Hammond’s desire to have an attractive safety fence surrounding the lot where he is building a hotel (scheduled to open in the summer of 2015), at the corner of Xenia Avenue and Limestone Street in Yellow Springs. He approached the Arts Council about coordinating the artists and the project was born!

    Nearly 50 sponsors agreed to fund a panel painted by nearly as many artists, all of whom received a stipend for their work. All sponsor and artist spots are full. The panels will be up at least through the summer of 2014, and into the fall if they weather well. They belong to the artists when the project is complete. Some panels are available for purchase, and many of these artists take commissions or have other work available for sale. If their name is not a link, you can email us at ysartscouncil@gmail.com and we will provide you with their contact information.

    Read more about the project in this article from the Yellow Springs News and this one from the Dayton Daily News.

    YSCF-clrThanks to Joanne Caputo and Nancy Mellon for their input in developing the project, and to Holly Underwood for coordination. We are grateful for a grant from the Yellow Springs Community Foundation.

    Panel Artist Sponsor
    Cacky-Carey-sm Cacky Carey alma-clinic-sm
    Travis-Tarbox-Hotaling-sm Travis Tarbox Hotaling Anthrotech
    Bruce-Parker-sm Bruce Parker ArthurMorganHouse
    Kit-Crawford-sm Kit Crawford


    Alexandra-Massoulo-sm Ali Massullo asanda-sm
    Paul-Monaghan-sm “Fire in the Sky” by Paul MonaghanA mixed media piece consisting of melted eutectic alloy splattered on soapstone, embedded with lava rock and glass nodules. The splatters are mounted on plywood coated with a ceramic automotive paint, while the fireball is acrylic paint. The inspiration came from my interest in space, having worked on the original Luna Module, and observing molten jet engine turbine blades splattering on concrete. Basic CMYK
    Kim-Hays-sm Kim Hays CliftonMill
    Katharina-Seidl-sm Katharina SeidlI love what Chamber Music Yellow Springs is doing for the music culture in Yellow Springs. For thirty years they have brought exceptional and world renown chamber music groups to our little village in Ohio. Many years now their logo has been this little cartoon cello guy and to that I wanted to add a female image. The ‘ YS News’ described her as soulful and that is exactly what I was going for, since music is at the heart and soul of our village. cmys
    Chamber Music Yellow Springs
    Amy-Bowlin-sm Amy Bowlin Dark Star Books
    Paul-De-La-Vergne-sm Paul De La Vergne De La Vergne Woodworks Gallery
    Jennifer-Perkins-sm Jennifer Perkins Dunphy Real Estate
    Cheyenne-Pinkerman-sm “Gnome Place Like Home” by Cheyenne Pinkerman Eaglewood-Care-Center-sm
    Sam-Stewart-sm Sam Stewart enviroflight-sm
    Pam-Geisel-sm Pam Geisel ForQuiltsSake-sm
    Talitha-Greene-sm Talitha Greene greene-county-cvb-sm
    Christine-Klinger-sm “In Memoriam” by Christine KlingerUsing a mandala design, I illustrated one (or more) leaves, seeds, etc., from each of the 10 types of trees that were felled on this land. It is my tribute to these trees.Photo by Christine Klinger greene-county-cvb-sm
    Erin-Smith-Glenn-sm Erin Smith-Glenn greene-county-cvb-sm
    Antioch-Students-sm Students from Antioch College Greene Environmental Coalition
    Dan-Flanagan-sm Dan Flanagan hahapizza-sm
    Chelle-Pallasis-sm Chelle Palassis hahapizza-sm
    Somalia-Robinson-sm Somalia Robinson Human Relations Commission
    Bob-Huston-sm Bob Huston Bob Huston
    Tricia-Tallman-sm Tricia Tallman The Import House
    Christie-Linard-sm “Rainy Days” by Christie Linard jcox-bw-sm
    Jim-Rose-sm Jim Rose Jim Rose Puppets
    Viswapal-sm Viswapal jbcp-sm
    Michael-Jones-sm Michael Jones Kismet/Pangea
    Margaret-Morgan-sm Margaret Morgan littleart-logo
    Gayle-Sampson-sm Gayle Sampson Live_and_Let_Dye_Logo-sm
    Chris-Glaser-sm Chris Glaser Millworks
    Gloria-Bowlin-sm “Daydreamer” by Gloria Bowlin The Riding Center Association
    Juno-Shermano-sm Juno Shermano The Smoking Octopus
    Bettina-Solas-sm Bettina Solas Sweet Sanaa
    Roger-Smith-sm Roger Smith tecumseh-land-trust-sm
    Tom-Verdon-sm Tom Verdon Tom Verdon
    Village-Artisans-sm Designed by Kathy Moulton; painted by Nancy Mellon, Theresa Mayer, Libby Rudolf and Sue Brezine VillageArtisans
    Richard-Lapedes-sm Richard Lapedes and Juliana R with Technical Assistants Scott S, Michael J, Denis J and Terri H-P Wavelength Aveda Salon & Spa
    Corinne-Bayraktaroglu-sm “Morris” by Corrine Bayraktaroglu in a frame logo
    Matt-Minde-sm Matt Minde world_house_choir_logo1
    JC-Wheaton-sm “Hypnoswan” by J.C. Wheaton of Spotted Hand StudioAn enrolled member of California’s Konkow-Nomlacki tribe, J.C. fuses natural themes (animals/plants/trees) together with traditional California Native American designs, and flow of consciousness symbolism. This piece started with his desire to draw a swan. YSBrewery-sm
    Somalia-Robinson2-sm Somalia Robinson yschamber-sm
    Maxine-Skuba-sm Maxine Skuba

    I have always been inspired by quilt patterns. Many of those patterns can be found on other cultures’ marble cathedral floors or in ceremonial garments, hence the name of perennial art forms. I have wanted to do large motifs like the kind you see on the sides of barns in and around the Midwest. This was my chance to make one and I didn’t have to deal with the installation part. This is a variation of a four patch quilt design and also a variation of Hull’s Victory.
    David-Baxter-sm David Baxter gcplibrary+(logo)
    Library-Youth-Group-sm Members of the Teen Advisory Group gcplibrary+(logo)
    Scott-Stoltsenberg-sm Scott Stolsenberg Yellow Springs Heritage
    Kayla-Gray-sm Kayla Gray Yellow Springs Historical Society
    Sherraid-Scott-sm Sherraid Scott Yellow Springs News
    Brian-Mathus-sm Brian Mathus YSCF-clr


    Jade McConnell xylem
    Pierre-Nagley-sm Pierre Nagley YSKP_20thAnnLogo--web
    Yellow Springs Kids Playhouse
    Nancy-Mellon-sm Nancy Mellon youngs
Yellow Springs Arts Council